Dear Holly,

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service provided by Mothership, and with you in particular, in the service of being our Doula during the birth of my darling daughter.

Your service from start to finish had been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly and nurturing level that far exceeded my expectations.

Nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble to you and I felt unique, never feeling that I am just one of many clients that you have to deal with each day. From your arrival you were like an old friend with great natural birthing experience that provided wonderful support to me, my husband and even my daughter when she was born.

There were many supports you provided to us from the labor to post delivery that helped to create a wonderful birthing experience for me and my husband. Your thoughtfulness in bringing snacks, suggesting birthing positions during each stage, helping me during my contacting by providing physical and emotional support, providing information as to each stage purpose and length of the birthing process, reading my cues and preparing the room to suit my own comfort, tending to my physical needs such as hydration, being positive and encouraging with your words when I was tired, talking with the hospital staff, reminding me of my own inner strength as a women and mother-to-be, encouraging my husband and tending to his needs, teaching me how to breastfeed and visiting my home post-partum to make sure my little family was doing well all created a wonderful birthing experience. Your energetic, positive, yet calm and tranquil manner was perfect.

Especially, appreciated was your continued friendship and care to our family after our baby was born. You answered our questions, provided informational materials, provided baby wearing information and samples and much more.

In conclusion, I highly recommend your services to any mother-to-be and wish you best of luck in the future.

-Nanda, March 2013


When I met Jaclyn, I was 8 months pregnant and so unaware of so many things!! I didn’t even know where to start with questions to ask my practitioner and I hadn’t even considered a doula as an option. Jaclyn provided me with reading material to educate (my mind and my husband’s too) and make a confident and prepared birthing plan that WE were leading! After only one prenatal yoga session, I learned so much and felt confident (as confident as can be for a 1st time mom) to enter the birthing process….and to persevere in our natural labor and delivery. So thankful! I am now able to encourage other women to think critically about the beautiful process of childbirth, and I am so glad my path crossed Jaclyn’s (MotherShip) when it did!

-Jessica Wansley, Lancaster


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