Postpartum Support

Postpartum Doula – A postpartum doula offers you physical and emotional support after the birth of your baby, as well as evidence based information. This will include newborn care, infant soothing techniques, coping skills, infant feeding and help with siblings. Light meal prep, baby laundry, and encouraging rest and self-care are also part of a doula’s services. Mothering the mother is a key aspect of the doula’s work. The doula is a generalist and also recognizes when specialized help is necessary, offering quality, reliable referrals.

Offering a non-judgemental approach allows for the parents to form their own parenting style. Independence is fostered as a doula guides and nurtures parents in their new roles. A doula is not just baby focused. A doula’s time with a family can be anywhere from a week up to three months after baby comes. This is all dependent on the family’s specific needs. This is why a doula’s role is fluid, moving from family to family. As the parents’ knowledge and self-confidence grows, their need for professional help lessens. This allows the doula to leave the family knowing they are thriving and confident.

Doula Consulting – This is a more specialized service focusing on specific educational needs, trouble shooting and addressing your special concerns. For example; excessive baby crying; colic/reflux; sleep difficulties; difficulty reading baby cues; postpartum depression/anxiety. This is typically a shorter and more specific type of service lasting 1 to 3 days and 4 to 6 hours per day. This does not provide the light housekeeping, baby laundry and meal prep services that is offered by a postpartum doula. That is why this service is an excellent option for the families who want the expertise of a professional doula and have the help of family and friends for the daily nurturing and support.

Lactation Counseling – Mothership’s qualified practitioners can help you solve any breastfeeding concerns you may have.

Contact us today to learn more about how Mothership can support you or your loved one during the postpartum period!


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